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Hibiscus Paloma Garden Parasol

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Charming and practical, our elegant, vintage-inspired garden parasol would make a unique yet useful addition to your garden this summer. With a stylish floral print complete with a stripy design around the trim, this daintily designed sunshade is easy on the eye and guaranteed to adorn your outdoor living space, providing it with some much-needed protection from the sun as the days start to get warmer. Using traditional block printing techniques, each intricate design is broken down and skilfully carved into a multitude of wooden blocks and then, with the most vibrant dyes, pressed onto cotton cloth making each piece unique. Also comes in a lovely cotton carry bag, which is the perfect storage solution for your parasol when not in use.
Diameter 190cm

you will need a base to secure



Dimensions: H: 245cm


Dimensions: H: 245cm D 190cm

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