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About Me

I’m Karen and this is my dog “Olive” and the inspiration behind the name of my newly launched company. My love of Artisan products for your home started a long, long time ago. Back in 1996 when armed with a backpack and my now husband Ed, we set off across the world!

First stop was Africa, and we were hooked, a special place in my heart. We collected hand crafted wooden carvings, tables, batiks and clay figurines, we sent them all home in a box by ship and that should have been the start of something new. However, Life turned direction and upon arriving in Hong Kong a new love of Asia started and a family. 3 Boys and my dream was put on hold. until now that is, when I thought could this still be possible?

We’re a different age now and in a different country with grown up boys and dogs living in the countryside after being away for so many years. I’ve been fortunate in my life to travel and see the world, to create a new life where I can now bring you products to enhance your home. I hope you enjoy the pieces I have chosen and follow our progress on this journey. We hope to be travelling far and wide soon, maybe back to where it all began.