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Feb News 22



So February is here and this is a good time to ‘revamp and refresh’ your home. Just as sometimes we overhaul our wardrobe, it can be rejuvenating to look at the interior of your home through new eyes. It is the simplest things that can change and enhance the style and feel of a room. New cushions can restyle an old sofa, putting a candle on a mirrored tray can totally transform the look of the candle, see how a new ‘hero piece’ such as a chair or lamp can change a room. Decluttered surfaces and mood lighting can transform the ambience of a room. 

The concept of ‘hygge’ (which comes from Denmark and Norway) is important as the month is still dark and we tend to be in our houses more due to the shorter days – so feeling ‘cosy and content’ in your surroundings is paramount. So have a reshuffle, a rethink and surround yourself with some beautiful pieces.   

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